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Our client testimonials


«I get my faxes even while traveling; all it takes is an Internet connection.»

Patricia BONNOT, secretary


«I use it for PDF scans and to get my - and only my - faxes. A great service!»

Jean-Pierre CRISPINO, security specialist


«Thanks to, I’m not bothered by faxed ads anymore, and I only print what I want.»

Patricia DOSSA, manager


«I've used Monfax for 3 years now. I’ve never missed a single fax, it’s very reliable!»

Aymeric VAN BOCKSTAEL, manager

Our advantages

Send a fax

With Monfax, send your faxes easily from your computer with just a few clicks.
From 4p/fax

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Receive a fax

Monfax allows you to receive unlimited faxes to your email, making it the most cost-effective solution!

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Numbers throughout France

MonFax provides fax numbers for all regions in France and its overseas territories.

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Add your signature

Monfax allows you to add your signature to all of your faxed documents. Easily send your contracts, quotes, transfer requests, etc.

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Flexibility and efficiency

Manage your faxes like emails with an elegant and intuitive web interface: deleting, transferring, printing, archiving, etc.

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No equipment

An email inbox is all you need to receive your faxes. To send a fax, all you need is your computer.
Fast and efficient.

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