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Monfax allows you to receive your faxes by email without limit.

More than 125,000 clients in Europe already use Monfax to receive their faxes.

  • I choose my fax number on
  • I provide all the email addresses to which I wish to receive my faxes
  • I receive all faxes to my inbox in PDF format

Receive all your faxes

Receive your faxes

Monfax is the leader unlimited fax reception by internet in Europe. You’ll save on ink and paper for your fax machine too, because with Monfax you only print the faxes you choose to.

Unlimited fax reception

Receive unlimited faxes

With Monfax, you can receive thousands of faxes without limit, at no extra cost

Monfax is particularly useful for companies that receive a large volume of quotes or invoices by fax, for example.

Receive faxes even while on the road.

Receive your faxes anywhere!

Manage your faxes just like emails with internet fax reception. Continue to receive all faxes to your inbox, even while traveling!

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