The advantages of fax by internet

MonFax is easy and equipment-free

No extra equipment necessary

You’ll be provided with a personal fax number without any changes to your current phone system. A computer and email address is all you need to send and receive your faxes.

Save on supplies with MonFax

No more wasting ink and paper!

With MonFax, undesirable faxes and countless advertisements can be deleted with a simple click. Consider how much you’ll save on ink cartridges!
You’ll receive all your faxes to your email, only printing the ones you choose to.

Add your signature to your fax

Your signature on your faxes

MonFax allows you to fix your signature to all of your digital documents. Send contracts, quotes, transfer requests more easily.

Fax your documents thanks to a simple interface

Flexibility and efficiency

By way of an elegant and intuitive user interface, manage your faxes like emails: delete, transfer, print, archive…
Everything you need to make life easier and save time faxing.

Access your faxes from your computer or smartphone

Your faxes accessible from anywhere at any time

Whether you be at the office, overseas or on vacation, your faxes follow you everywhere. With each fax arriving by email in PDF format, you can read them from any smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, etc.) whenever you want.

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